After two years of pandemic we miss those who make the wine and those who drink it and enjoy it.

We miss the volunteers, the wine experts, the hard work behind and the unique atmosphere where people with and without disabilities are part of an event of good taste.

We miss good wines and its power to break down the barriers of our society.

This year we continue on the path we have chosen: quality wineries and wines, master classes presented by international experts, 100% volunteering and all the profit used for the inclusion of people with disabilities because we are convinced of the potential of each person and we believe that all people with disabilities should live in the community, not in segregated institutions.

We also have some news. Since we moved to May and in a new exhibition room, we extend the duration of the event by one hour, so on Friday and Saturday we turn off the lights at 21.00. In addition to the already well known Schott & Zwiesel glasses, this year we will also have 90 tickets that include Zalto glasses.

And in terms of master classes, we have prepared 9 extraordinary for you. We start with Champagne on Friday and Saturday, we will see what role lees play, what quality wine means, how is the Rhine Riesling, how global warming has evolved through a vertical tasting of Cuvee Überland, the indispensable Tokaj and the Furmint from volcanic soil, a brief wine tour of Spain and we end with a comparison between regular, magnum and jeroboam bottles with the help of two iconic wines from Romania: Domaine Ceptura Rouge 2015 and Flamboyant 2015 from Davino.

We invite you again to be with us, with quality wines and people with disabilities.

We are looking forward welcoming you!